Company Profile


In May of 2014, Mr. Tom Nguyen and AV Environment entered into a joint venture to form AV Sensing Technology in Hangzhou, China and AV Sensing LLC in California, USA.

AV Sensing LLC focuses on the design, development, and research of the most advanced sensing devices utilizing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and disruptive packaging technology without using oil fill, weld, and metal diaphragm. AV Sensing Technology focuses on high-volume sensors, transducers, and transmitters manufacturing.

In line with DunAn Environment’s specialization in the HVAC and Refrigeration market, AV Sensing USA develops pressure transducers designed specifically for HVAC/R applications. Utilizing innovative MEMS sensing elements as the heart of our transducers combined with proprietary packaging and advanced compensation technology, our novel HVAC/R pressure transducers will make an impact in the HVAC/R industry.

AV Group and AV Environment

AV Environment (Stock Code: 002011) is a subsidiary of the AV Group which is ranked in the top 500 of largest public companies in China. AV Environment became a public company, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, in 2004, specializing in refrigeration flow controls, heat exchangers (fin-tube and microchannel types) and pressure vessels. AV Environment also offers specialized complete-system solutions, including: central air-conditioning and ventilation, systems utilizing renewable energy, nuclear-power heating and ventilation systems, and system integration control solutions. As the leading enterprise in the refrigeration components industry, our company is one of the most competitive central air-conditioning brands. Meanwhile, the company is leading the way in renewable energy and domestic nuclear power-station utilization with 30 subsidiaries.

The goal of our company is to manufacture components and systems that help maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. We have achieved a rapid growth by employing the latest technologies. AV has won the following industry awards in the past years: “National Quality Award”, “China’s Top Brand”, “National Innovative-Type Pilot Enterprise”, “China’s Top Ten of Enterprises Contributing to Energy Saving”, “Best Medium and Small Listed Enterprise” under “Forbes Asia”, and “China’s Top 50 in Company Value of Board-Listed Small and Medium Enterprises”.

“Integrity, Respect, Professionalism” is the core content of the AV brand, the core concept of the DunAn culture, and the surest path to continued business success in an area with fierce competition and challenges.